Living Connections Ministries are pleased to be able to share personal testimonies, miracle stories, parables and teachings. We also respond to prayer requests. It does not matter whether you are a believer or not, this space is for everyone. Have a look around – there is something for everyone. To go to each category use the links at the top of the page. To navigate the category, use the expandable menu on the right.

Head along the path of discovery to the answers to some very important questions such as: ‘Is there a God?’, ‘Who is Jesus?’, ‘What are prayers about/for?’, ‘How do you pray?’, ‘Does anyone care about me?’, ‘Is there a back door to heaven?’ and ‘Am I important?’
If you are feeling a little lonely, having some tough times or having happy times, please know that we care for you. We would like to help teach you about the power of prayer. If you send us a prayer request, we can also assist by praying for the person or about the situation.We feel it is important that you can read testimonies, parables and miracle stories, and access relevant teachings and resources that people have shared about their life experiences – people who have come from places just like you. The testimonies in particular (some of you might think of these as very weird stories) include topics such as drug addictions, gambling problems, sex, rejection, depression, loneliness, rape, adultery and much more. These testimonies are not told to glorify these things. Instead, the focus is on a recognition of problems people have faced and managed to move past. The testimonies are stories of facing great challenges and finding the light on the other side of the tunnel. We hope you will be inspired by or learn from these testimonies and find strategies and strength to overcome your personal challenges, big or small.

Additional testimonies, miracle stories and teachings will be added on a regular basis and will cover a greater range a topics, so please bookmark this website and visit us again.
Feel free to contact the ministry to discuss any content on this website. You will get a personal response as this ministry truly believes that every individual counts and is, therefore, worth the effort.
Contact Neavei if this has raised questions for you.

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