Is God fair, is God unfair?

God’s fairness or perceived lack of it is a question which is often raised on internet forums.
The views given on this subject can be grouped under two distinct types:
What is fair is what favours me.
What is fair is what is Just.
1) If God did not tell us clearly how to gain His favour, we could quite rightly infer that God is not fair.
On this basis by examining what God has told us in His Word to us ie The Bible, we will have to conclude that God is fair, because He tells us clearly in easy to understand language how we can gain, and keep, His Favour. He is consistent throughout His Word, and does not contradict Himself, nor change the rules.
Consider; the man who had very great resources, and used some of these to create a wonderful estate totally owned by himself. He then invited all who wanted to come into this estate to do so free of charge. All who answered that invitation and came in would have every need met, and good health would be guaranteed. There would be only one condition; to come in every person must put on a certain cloak, and always wear it. The cloaks would be issued free providing each recipient agreed that without such a cloak they were not appropriately clothed.
Since that man did own that property, and owed no man any debt, we would agree that his condition of entry was fair. It was fair even though those who rejected his offer would have to continue to survive outside the estate doing their best to provide for themselves, and protect themselves by their own means through their own resources.
God has created such an estate in the spiritual realm. All who want to enter must put on the cloak of righteousness, and keep it on. Not one man, nor woman, has ever lived a perfect life except Jesus. Only He is righteous. By receiving Him as Saviour we put on His righteousness and thus gain entry into the place The Father has prepared for all who are cleansed from their sin in this manner.
All others automatically go to destruction because sin has so damaged them that they are not long able to survive the death of their physical body without God’s redemptive work. The evidence of their destruction will be visible forever that all may know without any remaining doubt, or possibility of any future doubt, about what takes place when we ignore God’s advice about what is good for us.
Jesus is God, and God’s Word made flesh. Therefore all who live according to the Word of God that has been revealed to them come to The Father by Jesus. This is just as true for our ancient ancestors such as Abraham who had only a part of the whole Word of God since much of it had not then been revealed. If they clung by faith to that which God had told them they were clinging by faith to His Word, ie. Jesus, and thus were saved through Him.
Since all who come to God in the light of His Word gain His favour, and are freely given a cloak of righteousness, and may enter a Heavenly Eternity, we conclude that God is eminently fair.
This is in great contrast to all pretenders who show their true nature, and real character by their evident lies and contradictions, their fickle and unreliable words and actions.
2) If God does not give us Justice, then He is not fair.
We know from God’s Word that the scales of Cosmic Justice were put badly out of balance by events that took place in Eden, the garden home He created on Earth for humans.
If you retort that you do not believe such ‘myths’, then you are choosing to reject the cloak of righteousness offered you freely by God, as described above. One of the consequences of your rejection is that you will not have the help of The Holy Spirit of God without which The Truth cannot be understood nor received.
Those who keep an open mind, and really value truth for its own sake, will freely be given what help they need. Such ones will have a witness in their own spirit of what is truth and what is falsity.
God is not mocked. If you prefer comfortable lies you will not have the help of The Holy Spirit, and will reject His Word.
God quickly explained to Adam and Eve  that the cosmic scales of Justice could only be righted by a blood sacrifice. An innocent life (of an animal without blemish) must be given to wash away sin. This sacrificial system would only temporarily rebalance Justice, and would have to be repeated at certain times. Eventually He Himself would provide a perfect sacrifice which once for all would permanently rebalance the Cosmic scales of Justice in such a way that they could never again be unbalanced.
As God’s Word unfolded and manifested itself in this Earthly realm throughout the ages, in the fullness of time he sent His only Begotten Son to live life in human form, being conceived in Mary through The Holy Spirit. He was called Emmanuel (God with us) so that we would know He (Jesus) was The Son of God made flesh . He was descended from King David through Mary, and thus was also The Son of Man. Jesus then lived a perfectly sinless life and gave Himself as a perfect sacrifice once and for all balancing the Cosmic scales of Justice. See John 3:16. God then said all who repented of their sin, and received this Jesus as Saviour would be born-again of the Spirit. That is, would be saved from the automatic destruction which is caused by the consequences of their sin, by being made alive in spirit, and perfected in nature.
Salvation would be instant on receiving Jesus. The process of renewal and perfection would be gradual and lifelong. It would be completed after the death of the physical body.
The conditions of Cosmic Justice are therefore met by God for all who will receive them. Those who reject The Way God has made are left to their own reward. And He sternly warns us. “The wages of sin are death.”
So we see that God is Just, and therefore He is Fair.
The Sinner’s Prayer
The words used here may vary. Some may want to use a form given by various men and women of God over the ages.You must really truthfully mean what you say. A simple prayer of faith from the heart is what God requires. This is not a matter of tying yourself to a church; only God can save you. No  man nor church can do this for you.
In order to be Saved,  however you express it, you must:
a) Acknowledge you are a sinner.
(Some are more evil than others, but ALL fall short of the glory of God. Those who have much to be forgiven for will love God more passionately than those who have little debt.) see: Romans 3:23; Luke 18:13; 1John 1:9; Romans 10:9
b) Repent of your sin.
Repentance is not just a matter of being sorry you will be caught out; it is a matter of being genuinely sorry for all your wrong doings and deliberately turning away from your sinful life. see: Luke 13:3; Acts 3:19
c) Believe that Jesus is The Son of God Who is able to Save you.
See John 3:16; Mark 16:16
d) Receive Jesus as your personal Saviour by asking Him to be Lord of your life.
See: John 1:11,12
Why not make your Eternal Decision now?
“Lord Jesus, I believe You died for my sins and I ask for Your forgiveness. I receive you now as my personal Saviour and invite You to manage my life from this day forward. ”
If you did make a heartfelt prayer of salvation just now, then according to The Word of God, the angels are celebrating the ‘birth’ of a new child of God.
What must you do now?
1) Seek God’s Face.
That is, you must study God’s Word The Bible, and seek to be pleasing to Him. If you shall continue to do this with a contrite heart, then each time you stumble He will pick you up, dust you off, and set your feet again on the paths of righteousness.
2) Regularly congregate with other believers.
It does not matter whether the congregation is large or small. What matters is that it is centred on Jesus, and guided by His Holy Spirit. Do not allow a church or the doctrines of men to become more important to you than God.
3) Make your new faith a public matter
By being baptised by full immersion in water in the Name of The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. See Mark 16:16; Mathew 3:11; Luke 3:16; Acts 1:4,5
I welcome my new brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus. Please write and tell me about your new faith.
Jesus The Christ is the Greek form of Our Lord’s Name.
In Hebrew that is Yeshua Ha Meshiac.
In either case He is Adonai our Messiah

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