About Us

Neavei Isaac founded the Living Connections Ministries in 1999 after receiving instructions from The Lord to help with spreading the word of God…

Living Connections Ministries is a non-profit organisation funded entirely by donations.Our purpose is to be instrumental in bringing people to a saving relationship with Yeshua, The Messiah (Jesus Christ).

This is for all people who seek the Truth, and want to know God and receive mercy and forgiveness for their sins, failings, mistakes in life, and have eternal life hereafter.

Whether you are Jew, Arab, or Gentile; whether you love God, or are lost in your sins; we seek to help you find your way into a right relationship with God.

We also seek to help, love, and encourage Israel and all her people.We are implacably opposed to all who would revile, harm, or lie about Israel.

Neavei works both as a teacher and in the building industry to support his family and to earn funds to donate to the Living Connections Ministry. In his spare time, Neavei acts in leadership roles and as a guest speaker in various christian community organisations.

He has a leadership role within Living Connections Ministry and assists them financially and by giving his time, to assist them in achieving the purposes of the Ministry.

Contact Neavei if this has raised questions for you.

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