Brother Naeem’s testimony – our correspondent in Pakistan

I was 18 years old when I started reading Bible and attending prayer meetings in our local prayer group. It so happened, I was not regular Bible reader and prayer warrior, one day while I was working in my house I listened our prayer group praying just in my neighborhood and I started liking the singing they were having, they were praising God in singing. And unknown desire came in my heart to listen to this singing and I went there and sat there with them. When time came to the readings from the Bible and message, it was the passage from 1st Samuel chapter 2, about the call of Samuel, when God called him but he thought it was Eli. I was very much lost in this passage of calling of this young man called Samuel. After the readings the prayer leaser explained it well, but when I came home I found the desire to read that passage again so I opened up my dad’s Bible and started reading it, as I was reading it I felt as this young man is myself and the voice that is coming to his ear I felt in my ears as well, and was confused and did not know what is happening so I closed the Bible and knelt down and started praying and I felt the tears coming from my eyes, and I asked God to lead me what is this all about. Then in my heart I heard the voice come and follow me, and from that moment I regular attend prayer meetings, Bible sharing gatherings and read my Bible and pray whenever I find time in 24 hours. I feel such a peace in my life that was lacking when I did not know God. Today God is leading me in my life by praying and reading His True Word, Bible.

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