Ex-Drug Addict

A Christian Salvation Testimony

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This is the letter and testimony that inspired the No to Drugs Crusade on the 1st and 2nd of Sept 2001 at the Gold Coast Seaway, Queensland, Australia.

Stacey has been taken into a loving Christian foster home and her new Mum has recorded the above testimony to encourage all of us never to give up on our loved ones or the lost. Stacey is recovering in her new home and now seeing others giving their lives to Christ as she shares her testimony with others.

Scripture tells us God takes the things that are not from him, and turns them around that he may use those things to touch other lives. Only God could do this and be given the glory for Stacey s new life.

My Dearest Scotty, Tuesday 24th April 2001.

Finding the words to begin is like a girl without a soul. I ve been trying for days to find the words and ways of thanking you for your faith and hope you had given me. I had never forgotten the words you told me that God loved me and then I challenged you and said that he was not real, only for you to fire back at me with why am I here then? Boy, that sure got my attention.

The night you walked the shores and bushes from the Broadwater next to the road that leads to the spit, you had feelings in your heart that there were addicts suffering in the bushes and trees. I thank God for those feelings, as I would not be here otherwise. I truly thought you had for the sex like many had in the past whilst I was abusing my body with heroin and cocaine. Many drug pushers loved the opportunity to have sex when you can t pay for the drugs because we were more worried about our addiction than the cost. I survived by jumping in the large garbage bin at sea world Nara resort and lived off thrown out food and stale packets of chips.

When you arrived and told me that you were serving God by working on the streets to help others, I know I was out of it and laughed at you by saying God was not real but the fact you were worried for my safety, that when you wrapped me up in the blanket I was living on and despite the most painful screams of my broken and abused body you picked me up and carried me to the red (or blue?) van and took me to the hospital.

Once the drugs had wared off, I suddenly awoken to think that I was in heaven as I had awoken to the most brightest lights I have ever seen in my life and I remember seeing you standing no more than 5 metres away from me and you were really crying your heart out on your sleeve. For the first time I suddenly realised that someone had really cared about me.

The night you found me on my blanket was the night when HOPE had finally arrived at my door, even though it was not the door of my home, but to the sand, trees and sea breeze. HOPE was given to me through your tears.

Prior to that, my life had been pleasant due to my upbringing by parents who were deep alcoholics and I was constantly beaten up over many things for which I received many bruises around my eyes, shoulders, and stomach and had once broken my wrist. All this was not caused by me, but for some reason I got the blame for their anger. As my older sister had left home at 17 as she was sick of the beatings from my parents. The day she left me was without doubt the hardest I had experienced. I was all-alone and had no corners to hide. One day I decided to run away in desperate search of peace and happiness. I net a nice man who was a Christian and he gave me a free lift from Perth to Sydney. When I got there I was really excited, but that soon disappeared as I became trapped in the world of drugs, sex and abuse. Things were getting real bad and I stole $ 350 to get a fare to the Gold Coast which I had heard so much about as I was determined to start over and try harder and things were going well for the first 2 weeks and then I ended up on the streets again and my world fell apart again, I abused myself with all different types of drugs and meeting a new drug dealer every day of the week, there was not a day that I could remember that meeting the same drug dealer twice.

Despite the darkest bruises all over my aching body I often wonder how on earth I was going to get back to the real world and start living a real life and prayed and prayed and prayed in the hope to see if God was real. In the end I was ready to give up and overdose big time! I was living in the sand hollows amongst the trees and bushes with just one blanket for 4 weeks day in, day out until the day you found me.

The Sunday just gone (22nd April) is one month since the day you saved me. Today, I am with a foster family as I have a new loving parents, a foster brother and sister. Only 2 weeks ago I discovered that my sister had committed suicide two day after she left home. Within time all this heartache and pain will disappear as I have learned the time will stand still for nobody and that I somehow have to all this behind me and move on.

Scotty, from the bottom of my heart I want to thank you so much for your faith in me and not giving up on me when I needed someone more than I knew at the time. Now, l have accepted Jesus in my heart as my lord and saviour and I am slowly learning my walk with the lord as I now believe in the seeds you planted in me as you have taught me that there is HOPE and the only hope is JESUS! I look forward to the day we will re-unite and together we will reach out to others.

Your new loving sister forever,
Stacey xxxoooxxxooo.

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