Miracles Happen!

Neavei Isaac, the author of this miracle story, currently resides in Bay of Plenty, Tauranga. He was born and raised in New Zealand but lived in Queensland, Australia for a number of years.

Late one evening while relaxing at home on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, I received a phone call from friends in NZ to inform me that my eldest daughter Mel was in intensive care in Waikato Hospital at Hamilton. She was in a deep coma and had just been transferred by helicopter from Rotorua because the hospital there couldn’t do anything for her.

This was a great shock as you can imagine, and all the more so because Mel was a very fit sporting young woman. She was at that time acting assistant-principal in a small country school, and there had been no hint in her letters of anything that would cause me to worry about her health.

Straight away I phoned Waikato Hospital and after some shuffling about I managed to get connected to the doctor in charge of her case. At first he was reluctant to tell me anything, but when I spoke of coming over for a few days to be with Mel, he was more forthcoming. He told me that it was unlikely that she would regain consciousness as her blood oxygen levels were too low to sustain life. He said I should not get my hopes up and perhaps it would be better to wait a few days until the picture was clearer.

I knew he meant she would die. At that time I was still very young in the Lord having been a believer for only about four years. Even so, I had been through enough to know that I should go straight to Him with this terrible situation.

I prayed fervently for the life of my child. The night passed slowly and at daybreak I knocked on the door of Pastors Andrew and Sandra Pedrana, who lived nearby. As soon as they heard the news they got on the phone and organised a prayer team. Then Pastor Andrew phoned a pastor, Brent and Delwyn Miles in Hamilton NZ. This dear man and his wife organised a prayer team there, and then went to visit Mel.

Some hours later this pastoral team in Hamilton reported back. The hospital staff had left them at Mel’s bedside and since no one else was visiting just then, they laid hands on Mel and prayed for her recovery in the blessed name of Jesus.

They saw no sign of life. Just hospital equipment and two open, dead eyes. Naturally I was very upset at hearing there was no sign of life. It seemed that even the life support equipment at the hospital was not capable of stabilizing her condition. They were pumping 100% pure oxygen into Mel’s lungs. That oxygen is so corrosive that it will quickly kill a healthy person. In spite of this last ditch effort Mel’s blood oxygen level continued to fall. At that time I was a sub-contractor in the building industry, and as I drove my ute to the worksite that morning I was crying about my precious daughter’s situation, and calling out to God.

When I was first a believer I regularly prayed for the salvation of my children. I wanted them with me in eternity and knew this was only possible if they came to know the Lord Jesus. One Sunday morningwhen meeting with other believers, a visiting speaker, a man of God stopped in the middle of his message to say he believed God told him that for some people there in the congregation today, The Lord was going to give them whatever they asked. I thought deeply about this and then prayed, “Lord, I don’t know if this is a message from you, but in case it is, and if it’s meant for me, the one thing I want above all else, is the salvation of my children.” No one else in that congregation knew what I prayed so you will understand the significance of what happened next. The man of God was praying for people and when it came to my turn, he placed his hand on my shoulders and as he looked at me his features changed. There was a wonderful radiant face with a radiant smile beaming out fro this man’s face. It was Jesus speaking to me and he said, “Neavei, do not worry about your children, for I have a plan for their lives and they will all be in my kingdom.

Now, remembering that promise and lifting Mel up to the Lord I knew it was not her time to die. I raised my voice and shouted, “Not yet Lord, she is not yet a believer”. As I shouted that prayer I clearly heard just how my voice sounded. It sounded like the anguished cry of a father for his child, but more than that, I actually heard confidence in my voice as I stood on the promise of the Lord.

At the work site I made arrangements for someone to take over my contract and then returned home to pack and book my flight. The next day I flew into Hamilton and quickly got a taxi to the hospital.

As I stood by her bedside looking down at Mel my thoughts went back seventeen years to the day her mother and I parted. Divorce is common among the people of my generation, and we parted amicably. Leaving my children though, was the most difficult thing I had ever done. I grieved terribly over the loss of my little family; my precious daughter Mel and my beloved son Norton. Now as I looked down at Mel in her hospital bed I knew I loved them both as much as ever.

I held Mel’s hand and told her that in my heart she was still my little eight year old daughter. I told her I still wanted to be her daddy and I was not willing to let her die. As she lay there in deep coma I told her that after living most of my life in perplexity and darkness I had eventually been blessed to discover that God is real. The bible is God’s word and therefore is a true account of God’s dealings with man. I then told her of God’s promise to me that all of my children would be in His Kingdom. Explaining that it is too late once we are dead to build a relationship with Jesus and enter His Kingdom, I therefore knew that Jesus would heal her and bring her back to health.

Placing my hand on her forehead, I prayed asking the Lord Jesus to heal my precious daughter Mel. A blessed sense of peace and wholeness came upon me and I knew all was well. After a few minutes I sat down and quietly thanked the Lord for His grace and mercy.

Soon Mel’s mother and my son Norton arrived – a bit cross to have missed me at the airport where they had gone to pick me up. After all explanations and greetings had been dealt with, we discussed Mel’s condition. They were of course very worried about her and were steeling themselves against the worst.

I informed them that I had prayed and was sure she would recover. At that, Mel’s mother reminded me that neither she nor Mel were believers. She said she knew I was a Born again believer and had been brainwashed by the people in some church or other. She wanted me to promise not to mention God or any of my beliefs in Mel’s hearing in case it upset her and caused things to get worse.

Well, I did not tell her that I had already told Mel what I believed and had prayed over her. Instead I just said that I had faith she would recover and there would be no brain damage. Naturally everyone wanted Mel to get better, but the general concensus was that there would have to be massive brain damage due the effects of a lack of oxygen in her blood, however, by morning of the next day Mel’s blood oxygen levels had returned to normal. This greatly surprised the medical staff who not long before had lost another young person in the same condition. Warning us of the high probability of massive brain damage they said we should not expect too much. Again, I claimed her complete recovery, and felt at peace. By the evening of the next day Mel had been disconnected from all life support machinery and was breathing normally. Better still, she was responding to our voices by opening one eye from time to time. Praise the Lord! I continued to claim her complete healing.

On the third day after my arrival Mel regained complete consciousness, and by the fifth day, although still very weak, she was able to play a card game and beat me. Praise the Lord! Mel’s friends and relatives praised the miracles of modern medicine. The medical staff however, were at a loss to explain why and what had happened.

The prayer teams on each side of the Tasman were joyful at the Lord’s work. I visited Pastors Brent and Delwyn Miles at their home in Hamilton and together we thanked the Lord for His answer to our prayers. The mature believer knows that Jesus sends confirmation of what has been received by faith. As soon as I returned home I was given that confirmation. Pastor Sandra Pedrana told me of a vision she had while praying for Mel on the day I flew to New Zealand. At first the vision puzzled Sandra because from the way I spoke of my daughter she had gained the impression that Mel was about eight years old. In the vision she saw a fully grown woman lying in a hospital bed. Jesus was standing beside her with His hand on her forehead healing her. Only when Pastor Sandra learned that my daughter was 25 years old did she realize she had seen Jesus answering our prayers for Mel. I know what actually happened there in that Hamilton hospital and now you know too.

Since then Mel has gone on to complete yet another university degree. This time she studied computing and passed her final examinations with A+ results. Yes, Praise the Lord!! She is better than before, the mother of two beautiful healthy little girls. I still pray for the salvation of all of my children, and I do so with confidence knowing that Jesus the Lord of all creation has a plan for their lives. He will bring them to a knowledge of Himself and of all truth. And they will find joy, peace and fulfillment. Praise the Lord!

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