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Read miracle stories…. They may sound weird and amazing, but they’re totally true!

  • Kimberly Anne – Car accident causes coma. Read this true miracle story complete with real life pictures..
  • Mel – Mystery illness puts young woman in critical condition. Read this true miracle story.
    What is a miracle? Read on to learn more about miracles.
    It is common these days to come across phrases such as “… the miracles of modern medicine” and, “the miracles of technology”. In an article about electronics I found,”…a miracle of miniaturization.” Such usage has become the norm so it won’t do to complain that the word is being used wrongly. Any living language changes over time. It is better to make a distinction between modern and traditional usage.
    The modern sense of the word miracle is merely a remarkable specimen of ingenuity. The traditional sense of the word miracle is; a marvellous event due to some supernatural agency.
    It is this traditional or biblical sense of the word which is invoked in the pages of this web-site. When we claim that God has given us a miracle, we are saying that He has for a moment suspended the normal laws of nature pertaining to a particular event in order to impose His will in that event. Since God created the natural order and sustains it continuously by His will, He can at any moment intervene to alter what would otherwise take place due to the working out of that natural order.
    That God does not intervene more often puzzles people, but we should realize that He has guaranteed our free will. He therefore will only intervene when we ask Him to (pray)
    “….you do not have because you do not ask” James 4:2
    So when we go to God in prayer to ask for His intervention in a particular matter does that mean He will give us what we ask for?
    That depends on how we ask: on our present standing with Him; or whether we ask amiss. To take the last point first; “you ask and do not receive, because you ask amiss, that you may spend it on your pleasures ” James 4:3.
    Those people who want to treat God like a genie in a bottle will be disappointed to discover that He will simply ignore them. Our comfort and ease are of little if any importance to the Sovereign Lord of all creation. He knows it is good for us to be busy, so if we hope He will give us wealth so that we can have an easy life He will say, “look to the ant thou sluggard.”Proverb 6:6
    Secondly, the most important point of all is our standing in God’s Kingdom. Have we accepted Jesus as our Lord and Saviour? If we have done this and we are learning to walk in His ways, then we have the right to enter God’s throne room and ask for His help. Hebrews 4:16.
    Thirdly, are we arrogant and demanding? If so we need to be taught humility, patience and perseverance. These attributes are of great worth so God is blessing us by teaching us these things.
    Having understood these matters we can seek and receive a miracle when we need it. Usually though, it comes in a manner we have not expected. Often we find an answer to our problem in the working out of a chain of events that began some time before we prayed. Now some will say that in that case it was going to happen anyway, so our prayers and God ‘s answer are irrelevant. Not so! God is outside of the time space continuum and knew before time began that at a certain time, we would ask Him to help with this matter. At an appropriate moment, He caused a chain of events to begin which would result in our miracle when we needed it.
    There is however, another class of miracles which are instant and not the result of a process. These are the sort where a sudden unexplainable healing takes place. There are many eye witness accounts of the blind receiving their sight; the deaf their hearing; the cripples their straightness and strength. In most of these cases, a believer has laid hands on the sick and asked God the Father for a healing in Jesus’s name (Mark 16:18)
    Faith is a key ingredient in receiving a miracle. (Mark 5:28,11:2)
    If we are doubtful or double-minded, we will not receive. (James 1:6,7)
    Get right with God by receiving Jesus as your Saviour. Repent of all your past mistakes and wrong actions and make up your mind to sin no more. If and when you stumble go straight to God in prayer and ask for forgiveness. If you are genuine He WILL forgive you. NOW, ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE YOUR MIRACLE!
    Feel free to ask us to help pray for your miracle.
    Contact us at gethelp@livingconnections.com with your prayer request.

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