My Evidence

To Lawyers…

EVIDENCE IRREBUTTABLE which can change your lives

by Lionel Luckhoo


I have been a lawyer for 42 years. During this period I have received many credits in and out of my profession, but until three years ago I regarded Jesus as just another pathway to Eternal Life. I was not an atheist but felt erroneously that I was saved and that all the other members of the various religions throughout the world who believed in a God were also going to the glorious Kingdom, which God promised.

Since then I have sought to study the many religions and to place under the microscope of examination an in depth study of the grounds on which one is called to accept:

1. That there is a God;
2. That Jesus was the son of God;
3. That Salvation or Eternal Life could only be obtained through an acceptance of Jesus as the Christ.

Now as a lawyer placing his case before the tribunal of the world or before you members of the legal profession of before you the jury there are certain basic concepts of evidence, which we must accept either by:

1. Direct evidence and/or
2. Circumstantial evidence, which must point unerringly to the acceptance of one proposition only, otherwise that proposition must be deemed as denied. Our whole approach must be legal and not emotional. Was my original conception correct or my views accepted but a bare 3 years ago logical, factual and wholly acceptable?

Now the greatest authority known to England and America on the subject of legal evidence is Professor Simon Greenleaf whose work “The Testimony of Evangelists” I commend to you, but today rather than cite erudite works – some of which I shall give at the end of this summation. Let me ask you to consider first principles and to examine the evidence and reasoning in support of the recorded opinions of many of the most famous members of our learned but highly sceptical profession. Further ascertain whether there is established acceptance of their case beyond a reasonable doubt concerning the Christian Religion and implicitly to the acceptance of the Holy Bible and whether these lead you to the conclusion that Salvation can only be won through Jesus, the Christ, the Christ who must be acknowledged in our hearts and confessed by our lips. In other words is Jesus the only way to Salvation?

You may well ask why in the title I address this booklet to the lawyers in particular? It is because I am particularly interested in the salvation of lawyers and to all men of the legal profession for they would best know how to present in its proper format, the arguments and contentions which could well convert millions and I do mean millions. Lawyers are in the habit of sifting evidence and hearing testimony and weighing the arguments on both sides. If they are convinced that the only road to salvation is through Jesus Christ and that the Bible’s claim to divine inspiration and its presentation of Jesus Christ as the very incarnate, crucified, resurrected Son of God, then they can well become advocates for Christ and lead the bewildered to Jesus. These arguments I respectfully contend will not be rejected by any impartial and open mind for the Christian religion is a fact-based religion not an emotional appeal, and by cogency of arguments and proof I submit, you will be led to the complete acceptance of Christianity. I appeal directly to the legally trained mind. I know how hardheaded lawyers can be. I was one too, but when convinced their whole approach changes! They too will become advocates and ambassadors for Jesus. Let me in this introduction add that one must also examine the works of the heretics and the atheists to see whether they can throw any light to explain away my contentions of the proposition that there is one God and that Jesus is divine.

Abraham Lincoln, that wise President up to his 40th year was an avid reader of the Bible but he was an agnostic and deist until he read a work on Christian Evidences called “The Christian’s Defence” by Dr. James Smith and to use his words, “My doubts scattered to the winds and my reason became convinced by the arguments in support of the inspired and infallible authority of the Old and New Testaments.” Abe Lincoln then became a firm and exemplary Christian, seeking to set the American peoples on this course.

In like manner that genius Daniel Webster wrote: “I believe the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments to be the will and word of God, and I believe Jesus Christ to be the Son of God.”

But God does not wish us to receive His word with blind acceptance. Indeed, does He not say in Isaiah 1:18 “Come now and let us reason together, saith the Lord.” If God wanted us to become mere robots, He would have created us as robots bowing low to His will and worshipping Him but He wishes us to be reasoning creatures and as lawyers we must study the other side obeying that old injunction “audo et alteram partem.” And again in Isaiah 43:26 it is written “Let us argue our case together, state your cause that you may be proved right.”

St. Paul himself urges us to let no man fool us but “To prove all things and hold fast to that which is food” and our Lord invites us to “Search the Scriptures”. It is interesting to note that that mighty man of God, Paul, trained in the Law under the wisest of teachers Gamaliel when he became converted “Baffled the Jews proving that Jesus was the Christ” (Acts 9:22) and he did this from his references to the Old Testament, which means, since he uses it as a reference, that the Old Testament was then in existence for how else could he advert to it just after the Ascension?

Again in Acts 17:2 Paul went to the Synagogue “Explaining about Jesus”. And even Appollos “An eloquent Jew and learned in the Scriptures came to Ephesus…. and he mightily convinced the Jews and that publicly showing by the Scriptures (Old Testament) that Jesus was Christ” (Acts 18:24-28)

These, the early evangelists, were proving their case by citing the accepted Authority of the Jews, the Old Testament. Let us not forget however that there are works attacking Christian Evidences such as Paine’s ‘Age of Reason’ written by an Atheist. Let us read them all. Let us real Paleys Natural Theology and compare it with Huxley and Humes’ agnostic dissertations in the “Essay on Miracles”. These works of the atheists are not based on fact. It is as if I were saying in this introduction that my sole averment is proved theoretically and it proves itself empirically, without proceeding to set out my contentions for an acceptance of the proposition outlined in the title of this booklet.

Is There A God?

Day after day in my Chambers I set out to equate the facts of a case and apply them to propositions of law. If the proven facts establish the case (in a Civil matter) on the balance of probabilities, or (in a Criminal matter) beyond reasonable doubt then I am satisfied that the particular matter is satisfactorily established.

My colleagues, my friends sometimes say to me, especially those who are cynical, ‘Prove for me that there is a God. If you satisfy us that there is a God then we will agree that God would not create mankind to destroy him but when he dies something lives, so prove to us,’ they repeat, ‘that there is a God and we will accept that life does not end with our last breath.’

My reply invariably is, if you expect me to prove mathematically, strictly according to reason, that there is a God, then forget about it. How well I remember before I accepted Jesus unequivocally as my Lord and Saviour and established a personal relationship with him; going once to a church just off Warwick Gardens in London, I wanted to believe in God so much that I started to beg God to prove himself to me just to confirm in my mind that He was God and I looked at a statue of our Lord Jesus and asked God, please let me see His hand move that ” I might know that you, God, are alive.” I spent the entire service peering at this figure representing our Lord and nothing Happened. I was very much disappointed. Now years later I realize that one cannot play games with God. God expresses Himself everyday and in every way and there is none so blind as he who will not see.

Let me explain, I feel the presence of the wind, but I do not see it, yet I know it exists. I am conscious of electricity, yet I cannot see it. I know about the law of gravity, but I cannot explain it. If God can be fully proved by the human mind, then God is no greater than the mind that proves Him. I seek to explain creation without God. It just cannot be done! Our world travels around the sun at 66,600 miles per hour. Where does the motive force come from to give this inert mass motive power? If the world were nearer the sun we would burn up; further away, and we would die of cold. The world is just at the correct angle. What causes the world to go ‘round and round’ the sun? You guess, I know.

The existence of God is not dependent on any algebraic formula. Ask all the Scientists to produce a single blade of grass, ask them to produce a single living cell. Why they could not even produce a dead cell. Well what am I trying to do? It is to establish God by circumstantial evidence. Evidence, which leads us unremittingly to the conclusion that there is a God.

Nature… Take the Stand

Let me call upon Nature to evidence God. The Bible says the Heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament sheweth his handiwork. Look at the regularity of the seasons in the precision of sun movements, the coming of day and night. Can any atheist or agnostic friends explain this without God?

In nature snowfall is a natural. Take for example one single snow flake from the millions that fall in a snow storm; that single snowflake possesses the equivalent to 20 billion electrons. Yes, nature reveals God to us all of the time, and taking the example of a single snowflake, do you know that no snowflake is like any other snowflake? Each is different.

I recall speaking to a Soviet Ambassador about God. He didn’t believe in God, but what impressed him most was, there are 100 billion stars in our galaxy and 100 billion galaxies. Where did they come from? Our galaxy is a great aggregate of stars comprising some 100 billion stars, averaging as large as the sun. If you do not believe, check it in your Encyclopaedia. The universe consists of many, many galaxies, indeed it is estimated that there are trillions of galaxies. I repeat, our galaxy alone is made up of 100 billion stars and there are trillions of galaxies. Can you imagine how much is one billion? Well, let me illustrate, if you were to count from 1 to 250 in one minute, it would take you 100 years to count up to 100 billion. What a lot of stars! And says the Bible, God knows each by name. Let me refer to Isaiah 40:26,”Lift up your eyes and look to the heavens, who created all these? He who brings out the starry host one by one, and calls each by name.” Isn’t that beautiful?

But let us go back to nature and examine the sun. Who is responsible for the sun? Who is responsible for the enormous power as demonstrated by radiation? With radiation there is a loss of matter. The sun, for example, loses 4 million tons of mass per second to produce the radiation it does. Who? Who made all of this possible? You can guess if you wish to guess. I know – the answer is God! There is also an interesting addendum, if as the scientists agree the sun is losing this amount of matter second by second…. if the sun is running down, then it must have had a beginning. It could not have always existed, for if 4 million tons of mass were added to the sun each second for an infinite period of time past, you would have an infinite mass and our sun would have filled all space. This is not possible so we reach the conclusion that the sun had a beginning. Who was responsible for that beginning?

Your Body… Take the Stand

Now let us turn our attention from Nature to ourselves. Let me look at my body. You look at yours. By what means so we see? Well, of course we use our eyes to see, but let us examine those eyes and not take sight for granted.

Our eyes are fully automatic; they focus themselves; they are like a camera, a motion picture camera, not merely taking pictures in colour, but taking instant three-dimensional pictures and all without any laboratory equipment for development. I can look up into the heavens miles up, and the next instant look down at an ant a few inches away, and I can do so without any discomfort as the accommodation is effortless and immediate. Now, who made this wonder camera? Did it just happen? Even now as I write, the visual impressions of the words I am writing are being changed at the back of my eyes to electrical impulses which are them carried to the brain and the grey matter weighing a bare 3 lbs. immediately stores the information for use at the appropriate time, comparing new material with old which I previously stored. Can science explain these miracles? Or is not all science completely subservient to God’s will?

The Brain

This wonder computer we call our brain has 10 billion nerve cells and each cell connects with 25,000 others. Who devised these cells and these connections? While in Germany, I visited the home of Ludwig Van Beethoven, and the story his admirers love to tell is that Beethoven was stone deaf when he composed his 9th symphony. He never heard a single note; he never heard the thunderous applause at the initial concert, yet he possessed the creative imagination to produce this masterpiece.

Pause, all of you science teachers, science students, men of letters and unlettered, you all have this gift of a brain, but who gave it to you? Did this just happen or is it a blessing from God Almighty? Yes you, Mr. Unbeliever who questions God’s existence, God’s presence and God’s ability – you brain is a living computer so complex that the most extravagant, sophisticated computers, when compared are mere toys. And what is more, you can never use up your brain in a lifetime; as the memory and learning capacity are estimated to be many, many more times than anything we are capable of using. Yes, thanks be to the Creator who provided us with a brain which picks up messages from the five senses and triggers speed and action, we can acquire knowledge and store it in our memory, but so often we get carried away with our alleged genius and begin to question God – like I did, by saying to God, if you are alive, please show me, God.

As I write a fly has alighted on my ear. I don’t see it. I felt it. Yes, you see our nervous system is a massive communications network that receives and/or acts on millions of sensations a second through electrochemical impulses. It reaches every square millimetre of skin, every muscle, blood vessel, bone and organ. Who devised our nervous system? Did it just happen? Or do we go back to God who made all things? Yet I have hardly begun to explore the wonders of our body, quite apart from the wonders of nature and the things around us.


I am now looking at the bones of my legs, which are stretched out in front of me. We all have a structural frame of bones weighing about 20 lbs., yet they are strong as iron girders – superbly rigged and balanced to other muscles and to shield vital organs. My shinbone for example can support two tons pressure-wise and up to 20,000 lbs. per square inch. Who is responsible, my friends? Did this all just happen? Or do you begin to perceive that we owe it all to God, and as we look at ourselves, we see God through God’s handiwork.


As I write, I am listening to scores of different sounds: the buzz of the flies, the chirping of the crickets, and the song of the birds. Each is distinctive, yet I can discern each sound, all because God gave you and He gave me some 24,000 tiny hairs in our ears which act as the strings of a piano, and the sounds around are picked up and translated with such definition that while I am concentrating on writing, I can still hear the sounds around me.

Again I ask – whose authority and almighty power were utilised that mankind could have such sensitive means of catching sounds and have them translated, so that at the one and the same time we could appreciate the several sounds around us.


I have been writing and making observations about the things which are apparent, but I also know that within me and within you we have organs working by day and by night; take the liver for example. It is a complicated and versatile chemical laboratory with some 500 functions, such as storage and release of blood, vitamins, minerals and nutrients, manufacturing hundreds of enzymes to promote chemical conversions, etc.

Then there is the heart. The heart beats and does so without conscious effort on our part. Yet it is pumping some 1500 gallons daily. It stops beating and we die. Who’s responsible, we keep asking? Let me quote Isaac Newton, perhaps the greatest scientist who ever lived. He was asked similar questions to the ones I am asking, Who? Who? He answered, “The only answer which satisfies all of these questions is the answer – God.” When Einstein promulgated his famous formula E=mc2, where E is the energy in ergs, m the mass in grams and C the velocity of light in centimetres per second, a colleague rushed up and proclaimed, ‘you have shown that mass can be created by man, God is unnecessary.’ Einstein looked at him intently and remarked, “Yes, but who created the energy?”

Now let me summarise what I have been writing about:

  1. I admit I cannot prove God mathematically but by circumstantial evidence. Let me illustrate a simple case.
  2. If a policeman hears a shot and sees a man running from a room with a smoking gun, the Police then rushes into the room and finds a man shot though the back of his head and no one else is there, although the policeman has not seem the man shoot, is it not reasonable for you as a juror to come to the conclusion that he with the smoking gun fleeing from the room is responsible for the crime? In the like manner I say all the circumstantial evidence points unerringly to God, to the existence of God, to the presence of God.
  3. If we accept God then we must accept God’s natural attributes which evidence themselves, in that… God is Eternal. He never had a beginning and will never have an end.
  • God is Infinite. He is not limited or confined to the universe.
  • God is Immanent. His presence and power pervade His creation.
  • He is Transcendent; that is, above all creation.
  • He is Omnipotent, all-powerful. With Him all things are possible.

Examining The Evidence For The Acceptance Of The Holy Bible

The President of the American Association for the advancement of atheism puts up a popular argument against Christianity succinctly when he writes: “There are 27 Bibles in the world; the Christian rejects 26 of them; the Atheist rejects only one more that the Christian does.” In other words, this character is saying there are many Bibles in the world, 27 in all including the Koran, the Book of Mormon, the book written by Mrs. Mary Baker Eddy etc., etc., and the 27th Bible to which he refers is the Holy Bible. Because 26 are spurious it is illogical to presume that the 27th is also spurious.

The 26 false Bibles claim to divine inspiration cannot meet the first legal requirement which puts the burden of proof upon any Plaintiff or Proponent of establishing his contention by sufficient evidence. When we examine these 26 alleged bibles we find the absence of even a scintilla of evidence to establish the proof that a legally trained man would consider adequate in support of any claim of divine origin.

Mohamed for example declares that he was God’s inspired prophet in giving the world the Koran or Quran, but not a shred of proof is offered. Joseph Smith told of his find, the golden plates from which he wrote his Bible. He became a Mormon. Smith never proved his assertion. It is just his ipse dixit. Each one of the Plaintiffs of the 26 questioned Bibles would never stand up in a Court of Law to establish his case that His Bible is the Word of God.

How then about the Christian Bible? It is not so with the Christians. Christianity offers many infallible proofs, that that which is received by faith is proved by evidence and logic. Such is the evidence that it will lead you Mr. Lawyer and Members of the jury to declare it conclusive.

So often lawyers have said to me, “If I accept that the Bible is the word of God I would accept Christianity, but why should I accept the Bible in preference to the Quran or any other writings?”

So let us examine why and how the Bible is so different from these other alleged Holy Books. This is a key aspect in Christianity, so let us proceed slowly and with care. Christ himself stands or falls with the Bible. You cannot believe in the one without the other. To reject the Bible is to reject Christ. To reject Christ is to reject the Bible.

Let us bear in mind that neither the Quran nor any other various Bibles have ever attempted to foretell the future at all and even the Pope of Rome has never ventured to claim supernatural knowledge. So let us examine the Christian Bible to see whether the prophecy angle is satisfied.

Factual Proof

When we open the Bible we find that in almost every page, future events in multiplied and varied details are foretold as if the same were already done. And from the Bible let us read the history of that period and we will find that that which was foretold centuries before have only subsequently come to pass. Well you may ask, was the Holy Bible really written after these forecasts? The evidence is conclusive that the Holy Bible was written multi-hundreds of years before the coming to pass of the events foretold. In its simplest form I say the Bible foretold hundreds of events that took place subsequently, that is, long after the Bible was written and read by all and sundry.

The earliest Bible is the Septuagint version of the Bible, which was translated from Hebrew and Aramaic into Greek in 285 B.C. that is two hundred and eighty-five years before the birth of Christ by order of Ptolemy Philadelphus.

Historians have recorded how this came about. In this period of history the Grecian Culture was high and Demetrius the librarian of King Ptolemy’s domain in Alexandria told him that the library was the best in the world, except that the Old Scriptures were not in Greek. Ptolemy thereupon invited seventy of his most learned scholars in the Jewish law and translators and asked them to carry out this work separately. When they were finished after 72 days in Pharos it was found that each translation corresponded and that is how the first Bible in Greek was prepared in 285 B.C. from the original parchment of the Torah and is known as the LXX.

The LXX and the Scriptural citations found in the apocryphal books of Ecclesiasticus, the book of Jubilees etc. give evidence that the Hebrew text existing today is the same as the text translated into Greek in 300 B.C.

This Septuagint was used by the early Greek-speaking Christians who would use it with their New Testament.

So the Bible is no modern day concoction, it was written hundreds of years before the birth of Christ and the Septuagint was one of the earliest of Bibles which scholars and scientists acknowledge to be in existence, some 300 years before the birth of Jesus in Greek, this being taken from the Old Jewish law (Torah) written mainly in Hebrew.’

We refer to the Bible as God-breathed and as the living word of God but let us not come to this conclusion now. Let us proceed to further examination.

The Bible is made up of the Old Testament and New Testament. In the Old Testament the first record was made during the days of David about 1000 B.C. and comprises of 39 books. These ancient scrolls of the writings were copied and copied and the writings were in existence hundreds of years before the birth of Christ.

An examination of some of the ancient parchments subjecting them to carbon bombardment would show and reveal the authenticity that the documents in question are of the B.C. vintage. Perhaps the greatest confirmation as to the time frame that these originals or copies were made long before the birth of Christ was established by the finding of the Dead Sea Scrolls in 1947.

One of the scrolls found was a complete MS of the Hebrew text of Isaiah. It is dated by palaeographers well over 125 years before the birth of Jesus. The impact of this discovery is the exactness of the Isaiah scroll with the Massoretic (Hebrew) text of Isaiah (916 AD) 1000 years later. This demonstrates the unusual accuracy of the Scripture over a thousand-year period.

Yes the Holy Bible is truly unique. Written over a 1600 year span…. written over 60 generations…. by some 40 authors including kings, peasants, philosophers, fishermen, statesmen etc…. and written in the wilderness, the dungeon, the prison etc…. written in Asia, Africa and Europe and written in Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek.

Now let us take one aspect into consideration, the Coming of Jesus. Was this foretold? Yes there are 318 prophecies about Jesus, even down to the very day of his birth. It was to take place 483 years later a certain event. Indeed one could have worked out the exact day and time of the coming of Jesus (b) the village of his birth was named; (c) the family line of which he would be born was given. Not generalisations but details given precisely and unequivocally.

Again the last book of the Old Testament was the book of Malachi, which was written 400 years before the birth of Christ; so the Old Testament was concluded long before the birth of Jesus.

Why even the most diabolical disbelievers concede on scientific evidence that the Old Testament was completed long before Christ was born and it is in the Old Testament we find all these events connected with his birth, his life and his death. Satan knew all about this yet he could not even alter that Jesus was to be betrayed for 30 pieces of silver to be changed to 31 or 29 pieces of silver. All of these things could only be explained if one accepted that the Old Testament was and is the inspired word of God and that God revealed ahead of time events which would happen and which did happen for God knows the end before the beginning.

Let us look at historical facts of places not fictional facts not suppositions. Read the words of Ezekiel 28:22-23 foretelling that while Sidon streets would run with blood the city will not be ended but in the case of Tyre, “Tyre would have the very dust scraped from off her.” Ezekiel 26:4 – And did this not come to pass as Alexander the Great literally devastated that city? The Scripture foretold “that she should be merely a top of a bare rock in the midst of the sea – a place for the spreading of nets and never more be rebuilt.” Ezekiel 26:5. Yes, the Bible was saying also, “Its stones and timber are to be laid in the sea and that the city will never be rebuilt.” (Ezekiel 26:14). All of this was written at a time when Tyre was a thriving city of excellent location and with an abundant supply of fresh water.

Tyre was never rebuilt and just as the Bible foretold, it would be for all times.

Let us look at Samaria – Micah 1:6, written in 750 B.C. “Samaria would be completely destroyed,” saith the Bible, ” and become a heap of rubble.” And this came to pass. “Vineyards are to occupy the site.” This came true. “Its stones shall be borne down the sides of the hills into the valley and its foundation to be dug up.” The city was destroyed and became a heap of stones and ruins. The hill was cleared and the foundation taken to the edge of the hill and thrown down into the valley. This is what the Old Testament said would happen and this was written hundreds of years before it did take place. Who could know this but God, the God who knows all things?

And what are the prophecies about Jericho and Gaza and Ashkelon? You look them up in you Bible. Zeph. 2:4 “Gaza will be abandoned, and Ashkelon a desolation” and concerning Jericho, Joshua 6:26 written in 1451 B.C. Four predictions are made concerning Jericho:

  1. Jericho shall be rebuilt;
  2. It shall be rebuilt by one man;
  3. The builder’s eldest son shall die when the work of the city is begun;

The builder’s youngest son shall die when the work is completed. What a queer and unusual prophecy! Yet, these things happened. Jericho was destroyed by Joshua 500 years after the prophecy. King Ahad engaged Heil to rebuild Jericho. His eldest son Abiram died when the work commenced and Segub, his youngest son died when the work was completed. Is this chance? How did all of this happen? Can you explain it my lawyer friends? Can you explain it Gentlemen of the jury? Can you?

But about Jericho one prophecy fascinates me. During the excavations of Jericho between 1930 and 1936 Garstana found a startling fulfilment of the walls – the walls had not fallen in but outward bearing out Joshua 6:20 that, “The wall fell flat so that the people went every man straight ahead and took the city.”

But it is Palestine that historians are citing today in confirmation of Biblical Prophecy. See Lev. 26:31-33 written 1491 B.C. and Ezekiel 36:33-35 in which the following predictions appear:

  1. “Palestine shall become waste.” It happened.
  2. “Sanctuaries and lands will become desolate.” It happened.
  3. “Enemies shall inhabit the land and the Jews shall be scattered. It happened. The Moslems took over the lands. “The sword shall go out after the Jews.” Do you recall the massacre by Hitler involving multi-millions of Jews?
  4. “The Jews shall return to Palestine.”
  5. The City shall be rebuilt and its lands shall be tilled.” The last prophecy has occurred in our lifetime. Note that the Prophets foretold in the Bible the twice destruction of Jerusalem. They foretold that the Jewish people though scattered for their iniquities would never lose their identity. The Jewish people remain Jews although today they are none of the old Biblical tribes such as the Moabs. The Jews even when scattered still maintained their identity.

It is of sufficient interest for us to set out the evidence of the Jewish people, which by itself establishes the truth of the Bible, yet this is merely one facet in the diamond of truth.

  1. 4000 years ago, says the Scripture, God called Abraham out of the country where he was living and promised him to make him a great nation and bless him. “I will give you,” said the Lord “All the land you can see, to you and your descendants.”
  2. The nation of millions developed and thrived. Moses warned them, as they were about to enter the Promised Land, Deut. 28 – 33.
  3. God also warned them against disobedience. If unfaithful “They would be scattered as strangers in foreign lands.” They would have no rest. They would wander.
  4. They disobeyed God and worshipped idols. In 606 B.C. King Nebuchadnezzar took them captive to Babylon and Jerusalem was burned. The Bible speaks of two destructions of Jerusalem.
  5. They returned 70 years later to Jerusalem, then in 70 A.D. Titus the Roman destroyed the city of Jerusalem and than for the second time, the people were scattered.
  6. For 1900 years the Jews wandered and in World War II, six million Jews were killed in the holocaust in concentration camps, and this was foretold in the Scripture.
  7. The state of Israel was reborn in May 14, 1948. In 1967 there was the 6-day war but the Jews are still in possession. It is of note to record that the Bible named a king by the name of Cyrus 150 years before the birth of Cyrus, King of Persia, who rapidly established himself as conqueror of the Near East, Babylon fell to him in 539 B.C. As is was his policy to restore exiled peoples to their own lands and encourage them in their traditional worship, the Jews had and took the opportunity to return to Jerusalem. And this was predicted in the Scripture with Cyrus being actually named long before his very birth. This is truly of God!!!

(Isaiah 44:28; Ezra 1:1-4).

Can anyone disregard the words of Daniel centuries before Christ? That Babylon, Persia, and Greece should be followed by a kingdom so much stronger than the others as iron is compared with gold, silver or brass which should obliterate the lines of previous kingdoms divide into two parts and finally into ten kingdoms of Europe. Yet all of these things have come to pass.

As I have stated today many persons are studying the Bible for in it they see foretold what is happening at this moment to the Jews. Prophecies about Jews are almost as numerous as prophecies about the coming of the Messiah, Jesus Christ and there are 318 prophecies concerning the coming of Christ.

These Bible prophecies are so numerous as to make accidental fulfilment infinitely improbable. Let me single out one single phenomenon, which cannot be ignored in our thinking in these matters. The Jewish Passover has been celebrated continuously to this very year during these 3,000 or 4,000 years as was foretold in Exodus 12:14 ” And this day shall be unto you for a memorial, and ye shall keep it a feast to the Lord throughout your generations: ye shall keep it a feast by an ordinance forever.”

I repeat that all these prophecies are found in a book completed and translated in the Septuagint Version over 2,000 years ago. The events fulfilling them are matters of personal knowledge and “newspaper” notoriety. Can you a lawyer or you Mr. Foreman of the Jury know of any other issues or items of human certainty established by such and overwhelming ‘weight of evidence’ as this prophetic fulfilment which proves that the God who alone controls and knows the future put these supernatural thins in the Bible? So the infidel may produce books of imitation but the only book which proves itself to be the genuine word of God based upon the genuine prophecies therein is the Holy Bible. Here we have the proof of real prophecies; Why? Because:

  1. They are told before the event;
  2. There is exact fulfilment (and not approximate fulfilment);
  3. There are sufficient details to eliminate the chance of mere coincidence.

Even as the Bible has no rival in being the only book containing supernaturally given and fulfilling prophecies so the Christian religion is the only religion based upon and inseparably connected with historical facts.

Chief Justice Fuller, of the United States Supreme Court, once asserted of Greenleaf that, “He is the highest authority cited in our courts.” In giving his “Testimony of the Evangelists” to the Bar, Greenleaf writes, and this letter is worthy of being quoted; “To the members of the legal profession:

“Gentlemen, the subject of the following work I hope will not be deemed so foreign to our professional pursuits as to render it improper for me to dedicate it, as I now respectfully do, to you. “If a close examination of the evidence of Christianity may be expected of one class of men more than another, it would seem incumbent upon us who make the law of evidence one of our peculiar studies. Our profession leads us to explore the mazes of falsehood, to detect its artifices, to pierce its thickest veils, to follow and expose its sophistries, to compare the statements of different witnesses with severity, to discover truth and separate it from error.

“Our fellow men are well aware of this, and probably they act upon this knowledge more generally and with more profound repose than we are in the habit of considering. The influence too of the legal profession upon the community is unquestionably great, conversant as it daily is with all classes and grades of men in their domestic and social relations and in all the affairs of life from the cradle to the grave. This influence we are constantly exerting for good or ill; and hence to refuse to acquaint ourselves with the evidences of the Christian religion, or to act as though, having fully examined, we lightly esteem them is to assume an appalling amount of responsibility. “The things related by the evangelists are certainly of the most momentous character, affecting the principles of our conduct here and our happiness forever. The religion of Jesus Christ aims at nothing less than the utter overthrow of all other systems of religion of the world; denouncing them as inadequate to the wants of man, false in their foundations and dangerous in their tendency: It not only solicits the grave attention of all, to whom its doctrines are presented, but it demands their cordial belief as a matter of vital concernment. These are no ordinary claims; and it seems hardly possible for a rational being to regard them with even a subdued interest; much less to treat them with mere indifference and contempt. If not true, they are little else than the pretensions of a bold imposture which, not satisfied with having already enslaved millions of the human race, seeks to continue its encroachments upon human liberty until all nations shall be subjugated under its iron rule. But if they are well founded and just they can be no less than the high requirements of Heaven, addressed by the voice of God to the reason and understanding of man, concerning things deeply affecting his relations to his sovereign and essential to the formation of his character and of course to his destiny, both for this life and for the life to come. Such was the estimate taken of religion, even the religion of pagan Rome, by one of the greatest lawyers of antiquity, when he argued that it was either nothing at all, or was everything. Aut undique religionem tolle aut usquequaque conserva (Cicero, Phillip II Par. 43) “With this view of the importance of the subject, and in the hope that the present work may in some degree aid or at least incite others to a more successful pursuit of this interesting study, it is submitted to your kind regard by “Your obedient servant, SIMON GREENLEAF.”

This letter from Professor Greenleaf has often been quoted in Christian Books. The language and quality of thinking sets a model pattern.

Having pointed out the fulfilment of Bible Prophesies, let us as lawyers turn to any prophecy which predictions affected places or man and which have not occurred. Are there any such prophesies? The answer is No! There are none where time has run out. There are still some to be fulfilled, like the Rapture and the Return of Jesus, but those days are ahead that is why we must accept the past in the present to plan for the future and so to earn Eternal Life through Jesus, who alone leads the way to Salvation.

How About Jesus?

In arriving at the certainty however that Jesus Christ lived and died and rose from the dead and performed miracles attributed to Him we must first be sure of the authenticity of the records of these things. This, we can do by applying fundamental laws of thought to unquestionable fact. The books we shall cite list the catalogues and harmonise the rights of Christians and pagans right back to the time of the Apostles. Celsus, a bitter opponent of Christianity who was born only 50 years after Saint John, mentioned the four Gospels as being in his day the sacred books of the Christians. The Gospels, if they were in his day must clearly have been written before the time of Celsus. Justin Martyr and Polycarp likewise quote from the Gospels. On this very important but obvious point let Greenfield’s authority and legal evidence speak again, “if any ancient document concerning our public rights has been lost, copies which had been as universally received and acted upon as the four gospels would have been received in evidence in any of our courts, without the slightest hesitation. The entire text of the Corpus Juris Civilis is received as authority in all the courts of Continental Europe upon much weaker evidence of genuineness.”

Now these four Gospels all report on the life of Christ, the cure of cripples, the blind, and the leper and the raising of people from the dead. It is incredible and far-fetched to suggest that the writers of the Gospels should invent falsehoods to promote the religion of the God of truth. This supposition is suicidal.

The evidence of a historical record of the life of Christ written by the historians of that period such as Josephus spoke positively and gave direct proofs of the spotless character of Jesus Christ. Josephus’ work contains the startling confirmation in a secular historical document that when Pilate at the instigation of the principal men among them had condemned him to the cross those who had loved him from first continued to adhere to him. For he appeared to them alive again on the third day, the divine Prophets having foretold this and 10,000 other wonderful things concerning him. And the tribe of Christians so named form him subsists to this time.”

Now 2,000 years after Josephus the tribe of Christians subsists even to this time and looks eagerly for the next sight of this same Jesus who said “I go to prepare a place for you and if I go and prepare a place for you I will come again and receive you unto myself that where I am there ye may also be,” This same Josephus is quoted and cited by Ucevius, Jerome Rufinius, the Agnostic of Jerome, Isidore and others.

So you gentlemen of the jury, if you shall confess with your mouth Lord Jesus and shall believe in you heart that God raised Him from the dead you shall be saved. The resurrection of Jesus Christ is perhaps the most outstanding single event in the history of our Lord. Only He in all creation came back bodily and spent 40 days with his disciples all of whom were early martyrs and were themselves crucified because of their preaching of the resurrection. Because they, like Peter when addressing the multitudes said “You know he was crucified, you crucified him, you know he rose from the dead, you know he lives again for you yourselves saw him.”

Expert Witness

Yes Jesus is the only qualified expert witness to testify as to what lies beyond the portals of death for He is the only one who died to return. In a court of law before a man is allowed to testify as to being an expert witness he must be duly qualified, if not qualified his testimony is inadmissible for any purpose. The strictest cross-examination is allowed as to qualifications; it is for the witness to show that he is qualified as an expert. When he does so no one but another expert can be heard to differ. The actuality of Christ’s resurrection is a proper subject for the most dubious scrutiny but if once established his testimony is to be taken without reserve and how happy a thing it is that His testimony is so unshakable and his qualifications so indubitable. It should not be overlooked that the Gospel has as its factual foundation certain events that happened at the world’s most cultured cynical and sceptical age. That it all happened at that time lends credence to all that took place.

Let me ask a question: The eyewitnesses in giving their testimony, were they lying about the matter, which they knew, was false? If so, for what reward? For the reward of torture in the world? But they saw Him, He ate with them. He spoke with them, and clearly they were telling the truth about an unmistakable fact that manifested to them as to make the whole Roman Empire unable to shake their testimony or stem the tide of their evangelism.

Because of what took place we have the change or abandonment of that most ancient of all memorial institutions, the Sabbath Day, and the adoption of another day instead of the one observed from the foundation of the world up to the time of the resurrection of Christ. We have in these depositions (the Gospels) certain predictions attributed to Christ, which were all fulfilled. This is the Christ who saith, “I am the light of the world; come unto me all ye that labour and I will give you rest;” “I am the resurrection and the life if a man believes in me though he were dead yet shall he live,” “He that liveth and believeth in me shall never die.” “Before Abraham was, I am:” (John 8:58). “I and the Father are one” (John 10:30-33). Then he goes on to state, “Ye believe in God also believe in me.” Yes members of the jury let us reverently place Jesus on the witness stand and ask him, who are you Jesus? You have admitted all these statements, now who are you Jesus?

On The Witness Stand

JESUS His testimony would come clearly forth. “I am the Christ” (Mark 14:61-64). Again let us reverently place God on the witness stand and say forgive me Lord but what do you have to say about this Jesus?

GOD He would reply as He did at the Baptism of Jesus and at the Transfiguration of Jesus. “He is my son in whom I am well pleased, hear ye Him.” And again Psalm 2:7 “You are my son. Today I have become your Father.”

ANGEL Then I would call into the witness box the Angel Gabriel. Angel whom do you say Jesus is? The Angel would reply, did I not tell the shepherds, “Fear not I bring you good tidings of great joy which shall bring joy to all people. Unto you is born this day in the City of David a Saviour which is Christ the Lord” (Luke 2: 10-11)

PETER Next on the witness stand would be called Peter, the Disciple who denied Jesus just as how I, the writer once denied Him. Peter what so you say about this Jesus? And Peter would reply, “You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God.” (Mat. 16:16)

SATAN Next on the stand I would call Satan and his followers. Satan you see is set out in the Bible as a fallen angel who was very highly placed by God and who sought equality with God and when he was cast out he undertook to take with him all mankind to the bottomless pit. This Satan in the form of a serpent tempted Adam and Eve and brought sin and death into the world. He was one of the first creations of God. He would then know of Jesus, and who Jesus really was. Satan whom do you say this Jesus is? “See Mark 1:24; 3:11; 5:7 and Luke 2:33. Note well what the demons said of Jesus. ” What do you want with us Jesus? I know you, you are the Holy one of God.” Again, whenever the Devils saw him they fell down before him and lay low saying… “What do you want with me Jesus son of the most high God?” What do you want with us Jesus of Nazareth…I know you whom you are the Holy One of God?”

How often in a Court of Law do you not say to the Judge, “My Lord the witnesses for the other side have stated this. You cite their evidence, for such evidence carry a great weight if it supports you contentions. In like form, I say I cite Satan – Satan loves sins, hates good; Satan is against God and Jesus yet this same Satan through his demons acknowledged Jesus as the Christ. What more proof do you wish my friends? What more proof?

CENTURION Finally I would call in the witness stand the Centurion: – The Centurion who with his soldiers took Jesus to Calvary and crucified him. “Mr. Centurion, take the stand. What do you have to say about this man Jesus whom you crucified?” And his reply would be as from the Bible. “When the earth did shake and the veils were rent, I said, ‘truly this was the Son of God’ (Matt. 27:54). Mr. Centurion do you know who is referred to as the Son of God? “Yes only Caesars are Sons of God.” “And if anyone were to refer to any other persons as the Son of God what would be his punishment? “He would lose his life.” Yet, Mr. Centurion you declared that “truly this was the Son of God”.

Here I have been dealing with direct evidence – evidence coming out of the mouths of those whose stories are told in the New Testament. Here I am dealing with those who openly confess Jesus as the Christ.

CIRCUM- And what about the circumstantial evidence? The evidence of the empty tomb

STANTIAL gentlemen of the jury provides the key answer. Jesus was crucified. He bore more than

EVIDENCE 100 lashes on his body, the crown of thorns dug deeply into his forehead. This Jesus did not have to have his legs broken. Indeed the Bible foretold this. Why? Because he was already dead when the soldiers went by him. He was buried. His tomb was sealed. The Pharisees, the Jews, and the Infidels all obtained Pilate’s permission to have the tomb sealed and guarded. A watch usually consists of four men, but in this case there might have been more than four, say the historians of that period. Why? Because they knew that Jesus had said that after three days he would be raised from the dead. Despite all of the precautions the tomb is now empty and Jesus appears on all occasions thereafter alive and well and speaking to his friends and disciples eating, cooking fish, walking, letting them touch him yet he was able to appear and disappear at will. His new body could appear and disappear and that incidentally, is the type of body he promises for all of us.

Then he took leave of his disciples. He said, “I go to prepare a place for you for in my Father’s mansion there are many rooms.” He wants us to be there with him. When he ascended two men in white (angels) said to His disciples, this very Jesus whom you see here will return as he has promised in the same manner. (Acts 1:10-11) He alone went up; He alone will come back. When he comes back alone then the dead in Christ will rise up into the air to join him and the living in Christ will also join him in mid-air. This is the great rapture. (1 Thes. 4: 16-18) The Parousia. This could happen at any moment even before you cease reading this little booklet.

Are you ready to receive Him Mr. Foreman, Lawyers and Gentlemen of the Jury? Are you ready to go to the place where you will earn Eternal Rest and Eternal Life? Salvation is a gift of God, Salvation can only come through Jesus and you can only earn it if you believe in your heart that Jesus rose from the dead and if you confess him with your lips and if you ask him to come into your own heart. Have you done so you doubting Thomases? I appeal to your reason. Have I now said enough to satisfy you that there is a God? That Jesus is the Son of God? I have not gone into the number of proofs classical and otherwise set out for the existence of God. I merely refer to nature, to this earth going around the sun at 66,600 miles per hour, to the billions of stars in our galaxy and to the billions of galaxies in the universe. How did all of this happen? Who is responsible? The time has come for me to rest my case gentlemen of the jury. I have not begun to exhaust the multiplicity of factual details but I feel I have said enough to convince you if your minds are open, and upon this I pray ask you. Do you still deny Jesus? Do you still deny God? Are you still unsure or will you not bow low and say – Jesus the Christ, my Lord and my God?!


So gentlemen of the jury and lawyers may I sum up briefly:

The Bible is unique. It comprises Books written by the most unusual men conceivable, a Fisherman, a King, a Prime Minister, a Cup Bearer and so on. It is truly God breathed.

The Old Testament was written before the New Testament, that is before the birth of Jesus and this is proved by history and by science.

The hundreds of Prophecies all recorded in the Old Testament have come to pass; the hundreds of prophecies about the birth, life and death of Jesus all happened even down to the most meticulous of details.

These hundreds of prophetic fulfilments are set out and that prove beyond doubt that the Bible is the Word of God.

Jesus lived; Jesus lives; He conquered death. He said He was the Way, the Truth and the Life and He proved it by His life, His actions, His teachings and His conquest of the grave.

The case is now in your hands my dear brother Lawyers, consider well for this is the moment of your decision, this is the time for your verdict. God has given you freedom of choice as well as a conscience. Will you agree with my humble and inadequate representations and say “Your case is proven” “I accept God” “I accept the Bible, His Son and the Holy Spirit?”

If you agree with my contentions and wish for yourself Eternal Life all you are required to do is

  1. Confess your sins;
  2. Believe that Jesus is the Son of God and that God raised Him from the dead;
  3. Confess Him with your lips. That is, say, ‘Lord Jesus I believe in you; come into my heart.’

Just merely do the above and experience the Peace and Joy and Tranquillity, which can only come from God. Pattern your life to walk in the footsteps of Jesus. Proclaim Him as your Personal Saviour and so revolutionise your own life. Finally will you say:

“I now await the return of Jesus, but since faith without deeds is dead I will carry out the final commission of Jesus and Go and Tell to the world the Good News!!! Halleluja! The Good News of Jesus.

Your Brother in Law and in Christ,

Some Prophecies of the Coming of Christ

GEN. 3:15 Promised Messiah
GEN. 12:1 Promised seed of Abraham
GEN. 13:15 Christ descended from Abraham
DEUT. 8:15 Promised Prophet
PSALM 2:2 Coming of Anointed One
PSALM 2:2 Coming of the Son
ISAIAH 52:13 Coming of the Servant
DANIEL 9:25 Coming of the Messiah, the Prince
MICAH 5:2 Christ to be born in Bethlehem
DANIEL 9:25 The very year of Christ’s Birth
HOSEA 11:1 Flight of Baby Jesus into Egypt
JEREMIAH 31:15 Herod’s slaughter of children
ISAIAH 7:14 Jesus born of a virgin
JEREMIAH 31:22 Jesus born of a virgin
ISAIAH 53:5 Christ must die for others
DEUT. 21:22 Christ crucified on wooden cross
EXOD. 12:5 Christ to have no bones broken
PSALM 22 Death scene of the dying Saviour; His words
PSALM 69:21 Christ to be given gall and vinegar
EXOD. 12:2,6 Day, month, season of crucifixion
ZECH. 11:12 Judas’ betrayal of Christ for money
PSALM 16:9, 10 Resurrection

Christ in his stay on earth several times foretold His death, His resurrection and His coming again.

Some Books to Study

Testimony to Evangelists Simon Greenleaf
A scientific investigation of the Old Testament R. D. Wilson
Evidences of Christianity C.P. McIllvaine
The Sanhedrin Verdict N. R. Wood
Abraham Lincoln the Christian R. Watson
Who rolled the stone F. Morrison

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