Down, down, down heavy with shadow

Sins carried, sins remembered

Sins released, sins forgiven

Risen pure, washed in blood

Jesus’ blood, blood of the lamb

Immersed in the darkness and the

Emptiness of ignorance

I will reach out my hand and

Just as He died and rose

He will save me, lead me out

On the cross weighted with our sins

Dead to the world, and risen

To take his preordained place

In the halls of the place

Of His Father, our Father

I am baptised!

Cleansed, shriven, pure

Anointed! Saved! Praise The Lord!

The very fabric of the

Heavens and all the earth

Resound with celebration!

I have stepped through the cross into

A verdant world of blessing

Life is more now.

Life is shared

A straight, narrow path I walk

For glory of The Father

I am a child of God!

© 2002 Lyn Conway



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