The Learning Zone

Here you will find a variety of writings the purpose of which is to help the reader better understand the various topics.

In some cases this is because there is or has been wide spread misunderstanding of part or all of the material being discussed. Other items have been included as good examples of the topic.

Please feel free to write to Neavei for further explanation, or for an article to be written on a topic not yet covered at gethelpatlivingconnectionsdotcom

As always, it is the reader’s responsibility to check the veracity of this material by reference to The Bible. Should you believe that you have found error here you should bring that to Neavie’s attention by email.


Magen David

The Shofar

Praying for Jerusalem and Israel

Marriage – a bed of roses or a bush of thorns?

Who needs a Saviour?

Exercises in Faith

What is truth really? A fascinating look at truth

Is God fair, is God unfair?

The Ten Commandments

Positive words, negative words – and the effect these words can have

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